The Commons XR

Improving classroom engagement with objective learning metrics.

Our Pillars

At TCXR we are rebuilding the education experience for all students to increase student engagement through reducing implicit biases in the class room. This allows for greater diversity of student perspectives and increased collaboration.

Creating Bias-Free Classrooms

TCXR leverages anonymised avatars and voice to build a more accepting and implicit bias free class room environment.

Virtual Reality Education Platform

TCXR allows for a much higher level of engagement between students and instructors using VR technology. Instructors can use virtual objects and presentations to carry out their lessons.

Real-Time Class Analytics

TCXR provides personalized real-time data for each student in order to identify which students struggle with a concept or are disengaged from the material.

Student-Instructor Communication

TCXR allows for easy communication between students instructor via video, audio, and text chats; all without the fear of judgement from peers.